Why Using our AWMS ?

AWMS is a fully automated warehousing application. It is about managing multiple warehouses in the same application ( ALL-In-ONE). It includes storage management (racking systems, storage locations management , volume occupancy management, warehouse areas management (storage areas, free areas, pick & Pack areas…), inventory management according to standard inventory systems and regulations (inventory systems, inventory types, physical inventories, inventory turnover, EOQ, pick & pack methods, physical inventories …), management of transfers inter-warehouses, stock control, purchasing management, delivery management, return management, barcoding systems.
The application manages and tracks the real time warehouse occupancy and gives a visual layout of the goods stored.
The application is multi-languages (provided languages are English, French & Arabic). Any new language can be added easily ( details in documentation ).


Fully Responsive

Adapted to be used by all device types and screen sizes.



Multiple langugaes is provided and RTL style is supported..


Simple & Easy Setup

You can easily customise your settings via setting pages.

Multi-warehouse management.

Managing operations of different warehouses related to the same company.

Warehousing & Storage management

Managing warehousing operations, storing and goods occupancy areas .

Inventory management

Management of inventory operations.

Product & Stock Control

Managing products and stock operations and movements.


Managing and tracking transfers between different warehouses.


Purchasing Management

Managing suppliers , purchasing operations and order tracking.

Delivery Management

Managing customer orders, pick& pack and delivery operations.

Return Management

Managing merchandise returns from suppliers and other warehouses.

Barcoding Management

Creating barcoding for products and for delivery operations.

Demo Data

Demo data is provided to easily understand how the application works.

Latest Updates

Application updates and improvement.

03 Feb

Version 2-1

**** New features :****
  • - Add QR code for products
  • - Add settings page for product QR Codes
  • - Add product pictures
  • - Add Logo and favicon for application
  • - Enhance login security by adding Captcha
**** Bug Fixes: ****
  • - Fixing the error that occurred when no product is available.
  • - Solve the redirect to the 404 page by clicking on the menus "Warehouse Settings" and "Company Settings"
  • - Fixing the error returned when displaying test barcode in Settings page
  • - Displaying language flags in top header
  • - Customizing and adding settings pages for application logo and favicon
  • - Fixing the Date mismatch error when importing "physical_inventories" table to database.

17 Dec

Version 1.2

  • - Upgrade the script from php 7.4 to php 8.0.2
  • - Update code to resolve the error of the number format when there is no decimal digits provided ( the decimal digits will be automatically 0).
  • - Update warehouse settings page. Validation of returned data.
  • - Disable edit or activate/deactivate products from other warehouses.

07 Oct

First Version.

Launch of first version of AWMS.


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